All for Julie


Panicked pianist and crooner Sam Johnson finds himself in a Chicago hotel with his emotionally hungry, crazed fashion model daughter Julie, who in her stupor mistakes him for a lover. Trapped between the righteous cops and a malicious mob family, Sam and Julie have become desperate pawns.

It begins one day in 1973 when aspiring speakeasy pianist and new father Sam Johnson has a chance encounter with high-school chum Donnie Turcotte: recently released prisoner and mob soldier who makes Sam an offer he can’t refuse.

In return for the chance to be discovered, Sam becomes a conduit, willingly passing along information to the Montreal family but when he becomes an accessory to an attempted murder – the cops take notice. Meanwhile Julie, now a stunning young woman, is recruited into the ridiculously demanding world of NYC fashion and subsequently develops a life- threatening substance abuse problem, and inadvertently falls into the clutches of the New York mob with ties to her father.